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Reunion near Louth in October 2012

The 2012 reunion was held at the Kenwick Park hotel near Louth in Lincolnshire on Saturday 20 October 2012.

Paul and Jenny Sellers with Chris East are visiting Beverley's Cafe during a Saturday afternoon tour of the beautiful town of Louth. The cafe is named after the late wife of 87th member Tony Moss who has lived in Louth since retiring from nearby RAF Binbrook many years ago.

In the bar before the reunion dinner: Jenny Sellers, Paul Sellers and Jim Thompson.

Colin Franks and Terry Marker

Mark Thompson and Mke Crawford. Mike lives locally near Grimsby.

Trevor Bunce; Chris James; Keith Brandwood

Jenny Sellers, Chris East and Paul Sellers.

Jim Thompson has managed to set the 87th entry reunion menu on fire - sacrilege! Tony Moss is acting as fire fighter in chief - well he does live locally in Louth. Jim's wife Sue is coming to the rescue to pour water (not wine!) on the flames.

Wally Waldron, Bob Foggo and Brian Evans.

Raffle prizes

Who has won the prize - Mark Thompson or Chris East?