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Gus Turnbull's Photos

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ITF No 1 Wing, Block 10, Room 4 

John Creamer, Chris Gosbee, Mick Cocksedge, John Duffield, Jim Phillips, Tony Sturge, Gus Turnbull, "Specs" Ferrier, Phil Beynon.

There is a bottle of champagne to the first one who can identify all of these serious young brats!

87th Entry Riggers

Johnny Dumbill, Titch Brealey, Keith Elliott, Trevor Bunce, Mick Field, Derek Hogarth, Harry Martin, Gus Goodwin, Jock Milne, Bill Richardson, George Fincham, Lenny Sutton, Stan Lawrence

Riggers on steps of Comet 1

Roger Black, Gus Goodwin, Mick Field, Derek Hogarth, Trevor Bunce, George Fincham, Bill Richardson, Gus Turnbull

Gus Turnbull with Cpl Sandy Henderson, our friendly PTI
Mock Final Airfield Exams

Gus Turnbull with Taff Williams -  (Johnny Dumbull sitting down between us)

Handsome Pair

Gus Turnbull and friend

George Fincham, Trevor Bunce, Keith Elliott, Lenny Sutton