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Gloucestershire Barbecue - Saturday 30th June 2001

Chris Pemberton-James and his wife Janet had organised a superb barbecue for the 87th at their spread on the edge of the Forest of Dean.

Very many thanks to them both and Trevor Bunce who assisted.

Good to see that PJ has not forgotten his marshalling skills learnt at Airfields, despite having in recent years become a families officer.  But who is he marshalling?   Well it is Dave and Pat Green who had come all the way down from Scotland.  On the way they had picked up a "bijou" caravan which no doubt they will make good use of in Dave's recent retirement.
Although there was only a small number at the barbecue, it was good to see some new faces at an 87th function for the first time such as Vic Driver shown here.   Vic came from near Bristol with his wife      .  We hope to see Vic at the next reunion dinner.  How has Vic  changed since this photo (with B1K wing sports representation badge) taken at a party in my bunk in 1959?  He now certainly seems equally fit and athletic, but his hair syle has changed a little!
P-J has actually built his own 9 hole golf course!  Here Pat Green and Trevor Bunce are in competition

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Dave Green with trendy "Lions" cap watches on as Trevor Bunce works out how to use his digital camera.


KenSmithTN.jpg (6181 bytes) Dave Green and Ken Smith in discussion with Michael Eddyvean relaxing in the background
Vic Driver in conversation with PJ. In the backgound are Vic's wife, Pat Green and Janet P-J.

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