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East Anglia Summer Barbecue

The 87th East Anglia mob organised a superb barbecue last August at Bryan Leonard's place near Watton. Bryan had been aided by Reg Roberts, George Fincham and others of the local 87th plus Trevor Bunce who although formerly a local now lives in Wiltshire.

Superb food had been organised and cooked by Bryan on his giant barbecue.  Trevor Bunce was running the bar

Here's Bryan posing proudly by his tractor later in the afternoon after looking after us so well. Pity that his tractor was u/s (the engine fitters present did not volunteer to get their hands dirty!) as I was looking forward to driving it around his meadow.

Trevor Bunce had displayed for us a large picture of  the 87th stained glass window together with takeaway info leaflets.  A raffle was held to raise further funds for the window.

The following members were present and most brought parners:  Bryan Leonard, Trevor Bunce, Reg Roberts, Jim Ketchion, Roger Wigley, Barry Collins, George Fincham, Terry Brook, John Hyde, Alan Fordham, Terry O'Neil, Tony Ashen, Mike Smart, Robin Riley, John Witton, Bill Galloway, Chris East

Mike Smart was there as promised with his size 14 boots from 40 years back.  We intend to offer Mike Smart's boots to the the Halton museum, but they need bulling first (any volunteers?). 

Bryan will be repeating this very successful event in summer 2001 (date is now Sunday 12 August 2001).  No doubt we shall have a few more of the 87th there.

Photo by Reg Roberts.