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Bridgwater Christmas Lunch - 14 December 2018

After our earlier successful summer and Christmas lunches in Bridgwater we decided to again hold a Christmas lunch on Friday 14th December at the Bower Inn in Bridgwater.
It was aimed mainly at 87th entry members living in the southwest of England, albeit we had members from further afield in Warwickshire, Buckinghamshire and Surrey. Eight 87th members were present (with four partners):

Bob Acott, Keith Brandwood
Chris East, Bob Foggo
Chris James, Barrie Johns
Derek Restorick, Mike Stephenson.



"What squadron badge is that" I asked Derek Restorick. "It is not a squadron badge" he said, "It is the 87th entry badge". "Well, I have never heard of such a pin badge , never mind seen one I said".


Cooking our lunch.

We had the Garden room all to ourselves.

Reading out the joke from the Christmas cracker.

Paying the bill before heading off home..