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Halton Triennial Reunion - 1998

Every three years there is a reunion held at Halton for all Halton apprentices.

At the 1998 triennial reunion we had traced well over 100 members of the 87th entry. Therefore it was very satisfying to see over 30 of them turn up.

Arriving earlier than most, your entry rep Dave Green and the author were able to find a comfortable billet - a mobile office in the corner of the hangar was marked with the 87th sign. The other entries had two feet of wallspace each! For some time we expected some of the many senior entries there would arrive to eject us. But all that happened was a number of queries from them as we were thought to be manning an enquiry service.

This was the first organised reunion (albeit informal) of the 87th

We held a meeting at which it was decided to organise our first formal reunion in the form of a dinner-dance during the following year.