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The Halton Brat Tribute

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Following the cessation of the RAF Apprenticeship scheme in 1993, several RAFHAAA members suggested that some form of memorial should be errected at RAF Halton to remind future generations that some forty thousand boys had been trained there.

From over twenty designs submitted, it was the proposal of the BLOCK AND CUBE test job which came from a member of the 29th entry which was unanimously accepted by the 1996 AGM of the RAFHAAA. Not only did David Howells design the Tribute, he was present at all phases of the project and, being a master calligrapher, made all the full size lettering templates for the engraver. See David Howells' Tribute inscriptions on the 29th entry web site.

All donations for the Tribute have been recorded in the Alan Small Tribute Book (42nd entry) which is housed in St Georges Church at RAF Halton.

Originally the BLOCK was to have been Welsh slate, but after the third piece was found to have a hairline crack, the material had to be changed to Scottish Granite.

The Tribute was unveiled by Her majesty the Queen on 31st October 1997 after presenting her Colour to the Station.

Today the Tribute proudly stands on a mound in front of Kermode Hall, better known to Brats as Schools, a fitting tribute to all Ex-Brats and to their founder, Marshall of the RAF, Lord Trenchard.