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First 87th Formal Reunion


The first 87th entry formal reunion was held at the Pine Lodge Hotel in Bromsgrove on Saturday 15 October 1999. Over 30 members plus their partners attended. Saturday afternoon was spent renewing acquaintances mainly in the area of the bar.

The highlight of the weekend was the Saturday evening dinner dance. Everything about this was to my mind absolutely perfect. The setting was elegant; the food was extremely good; the wine was very drinkable. So what about song? Well the nine-piece band (with two singers!) was a really very good. We made good use of the dance floor and you could see who had attended the Court School of Dancing (no, only joking!). Chips Chapman was really elegant in his Country and Western/Mississippi Gambler outfit.

After breakfast on the Sunday morning, a meeting was held to discuss the 40th anniversary reunion and also the stained glass window for the Halton Church. It was decided that the 40th reunion would follow the same theme and be held at about the same time of the year in 2000. It was also proposed to hold other entry get-togethers such as maybe a day out to the Duxford Air Museum, during the first half of 2000.