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Eighth 87th Annual Reunion

The eighth annual 87th reunion dinner was held at the Moore Place hotel in Aspley Guise near to Milton Keynes on Saturday 7 October 2006. 13 members of the 87th were present: Robert Acott; Keith Brandwood; Peter Davison; Chris East; Brian Evans; Peter Excell; Sid Foster; Bill Galloway; David Gayton; Tony Moss; Chris Pemberton-James; Jim Thomson; Richard Waldron. Some members were also present on the Friday evening.

The reunion was organised by Pat Green to her usual high standard.

Before leaving on the Sunday morning a meeting was held to discuss the 2007 reunion. It was decided to hold the reunion on the same day as the Halton Trienniel reunion: Saturday 22 September 2007. The choice of a hotel for the reunion near to Halton was yet to be finalised.

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