87th Entry Graduation Day

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graduation parade

27th July 1960 was the big day for the 87th as shown in the Graduation Day Programme.

212 of the original 87th entry, plus another 26 welcome members from other entries, graduated (passed out?), less one member who was in the guardroom, who had his own special private parade later from the 87th!

The parade was under the command of WOA John Tunnah supported by the following:

Parade Adjutant:CAA John Thackray

Parade Warrant Officer:LAA Patrick Cull

Colour Bearer: SAA John Creamer

Colour Warrant Officer CAA Dave Green

Colour Escort: CAA Trevor Draper and CAA Chris East

Colour Orderly: LAA Ike Stow

Escort Sqn Cdr:SAA Barry Brien

Flt Cdrs: CAA Sharley and CAA Len Sutton

No 2 Sqn Cdr:SAA Brian Morrison

Flt Cdrs: CAA Bill Russell and CAA Norman Hall

Standard Bearers: CAA Field and SAA Dave Skill

Anybody got any anecdotes of graduation day or photos to show here?


Keith Duffie asks who was it who bayoneted in the leg(accidently) on a POPR, flung himself on his back, foot in the air, screaming for somebody to get his bulled boot off before it got blood on it. They taught us how to prioritise at Halton!





General Review

Thanks to the 88th for providing the "bear" music file